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Another sex dream without any actual sex.

Old flings, old loves, and Gavin. )
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Much more dream remembered last night! I don't know if it's because I didn't go to bed until late, or because I was thirsty, or because it was a fairly light sleep, or even because I transcribed that other dream, but there are all kinds of details that I'm remembering here:

Insane Pitch )
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So over at the video project I do with my cousin, Gavin challenged me to keep a dream journal for a month. The idea is that the more you record your dreams, the more of them you remember. As well as that, maybe we can spot recurring themes?

None of that will be happening today, as it was the most vague dream I've remembered in a long time. It had like a discussion about sex in it, but that is the most interesting thing in there. Read on if that has intrigued you!

Night 1 - Extraordinarily Vague )

And there we have it! Empirical proof that the typing out of a vague dream is just as uninteresting as trying to tell someone about it.
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To fill the time in my life that I was using to blog, I've started a webcomic. It's called "Giant Bee Comics", and you can find it here.

Would people enjoy it if I posted them up over here as well? I'm super-conscious that I have a Permanent Account on livejournal and a Seed Account on Dreamwidth, and I'm doing nothing with them.

Also, it's my birthday. 23 today. I'm starting to feel mid-twenties, which is nice. I just hope that this is the age where I actually get somewhere in my life that I want to be.

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