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So over at the video project I do with my cousin, Gavin challenged me to keep a dream journal for a month. The idea is that the more you record your dreams, the more of them you remember. As well as that, maybe we can spot recurring themes?

None of that will be happening today, as it was the most vague dream I've remembered in a long time. It had like a discussion about sex in it, but that is the most interesting thing in there. Read on if that has intrigued you!

So there was a girl, she may have been Emma Stone, and I think we were friends. She was talking about the fact that a few nights ago she had gone to a pub and given out blowjobs to everyone who asked. I was either morally opposed to this or worried for her as a friend (also I may have been gay) and told her that I didn't agree with that. She said that it was quite normal, and my counter-argument was "What if there was a pub that had a woman there to give out blowjobs to everyone who bought more than 100 beers." She said that was different and I disagreed.

We then discussed whether the hypothetical girl I was talking about was there because she enjoyed it (like possibly Emma Stone did) or because she was getting paid or maybe she was a Russian slave.

Then I think I caught a train or something.

In real life, I got a text message, and was considering sleeping through it until I remembered that it was probably my friend Remy who was coming over today, so I made the conscious choice to wake up. Also: this all happened between 10:08 (when my first alarm was set but I decided to go back to sleep) and 11:30, when I woke up for reals. I had another dream during the longer part of the night, but I don't remember that at all.

And there we have it! Empirical proof that the typing out of a vague dream is just as uninteresting as trying to tell someone about it.

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