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Much more dream remembered last night! I don't know if it's because I didn't go to bed until late, or because I was thirsty, or because it was a fairly light sleep, or even because I transcribed that other dream, but there are all kinds of details that I'm remembering here:

The two main threads: Wheezy Waiter, for some reason, wanted me to guest in a video. (along with others.) But when he came to my house (that's right. He came to me.) I was still mostly asleep, so I just stuck my hand out (it was a "guest hands" sort of thing) and hit a little keyboard he had there. (he was so dedicated he broke into my house and recorded around me being asleep, I guess.)

The next morning when I woke up (in-dream) I was thinking "Oh, I'd better record a video for my channel with Wheezy Waiter", knowing that if he linked to my channel from his video, I'd have all kinds of traffic coming my way. I wanted to avoid having him link to my channel for a few days, until there was something good there, so that anyone who clicked through would find something worth watching...after a bit, the flawed logic hit me, and I realised that if he didn't link to me when the video was new, the number of people clicking through would be greatly, greatly reduced.

Also, in my mind, "watching his video" was the equivalent of "sending him a link". So when I watched the video, and saw my hands (I could recognise them because of my lovely nails. In real life I do actually have quite nice nails.) I got excited, but there was no link to my video! Peter mad.

While half-asleep (in-dream) I'd done two things - hit the keyboard, and something else, but only the keyboard bit made it in. He'd overdubbed my random hittings with proper music, and he was playing a miniature guitar at the same time. It was a cool little bit.

Before I actually watched the video, I'd gone and tracked him down. I don't remember anything except for this small snippet of conversation:

Wheezy Waiter: (sarcastically) Oh yes, because you're my best friend.
Me: (jokingly taking it sincerely) I have been looking forward to this moment for my whole life!

Then I (in real life) woke up for a bit, read some emails, and then went back to sleep for dream 2.

Dream 2 (and possibly dream 1 as well, actually) was set in the house in Glenbrook I lived in from when I was 4 until I was 14. A huge number of my dreams are, actually...does that mean anything?

In real life, I'm going to be getting a car from my mate for 9 months while he goes overseas. In the dream, it was either that car or Gavin's car Jeff, but either way - I owned a car. I was living with my mum and Dad, and mum had a heap of ladies over, possibly from church.

I was going out, not to my job (that was significant) and Mum stopped me, asking where my car was.

"I've got a friend pretending to sell it," I responded. "Just to see, you know, what the market value is."

Mum was shocked. Shocked. No matter how many times I explained, she couldn't (or refused to) understand that I wasn't selling my car. "If you'd just get a job, you wouldn't have to sell your car! Think of how much that car cost, you'll regret it!"

Me: I'm not selling my car. Do you understand me? I just want to know what the market value is. I am NOT SELLING it.

I should point out that in real life my mum is quite bright, and this dream in no way reflects our real-life interactions.

I started to get pissy and went to leave, muttering "insane bitch" as I pulled some socks out of my wardrobe.

Mum: coldly What did you say?
(I don't respond)
Mum: Did you just say "Insane pitch?"
Me: Insane BITCH. I said insane bitch!

We then proceeded to have a full-on shouting match, which I've never done with my mum. The church ladies in the next room can clearly hear that (largely because the house is in the middle of renovations, and there's a huge hole in the wall) and when I point that out, mum is furious with me.

Me: Well that's why I was WHISPERING, you insane bitch!

I go to leave, and somehow it comes up that I'm leaving for a job interview.

Mum: Well that's great! You know if you kept your car AND got a job...look, there are four options. You keep your car and get a job, and that will make you this much money....
Me: (losing it) You seriously think I'm going to sell my car, don't you? How else can I say this? I AM NOT SELLING MY CAR. AT NO POINT WAS I GOING TO SELL MY CAR. SELLING MY CAR IS NOT SOMETHING I HAVE EVER CONSIDERED DOING IN THE SLIGHTEST. DO YOU GET THIS?
Mum: Look, there are 4 options...
Me: Right! Right, let's do this, shall we!
(I find a piece of paper and tear it into four lines)
Me: Option one - I sell my car and get a job. Option 2 - I sell my car and don't get a job. We can REMOVE THESE OPTIONS, because I am NOT SELLING MY CAR.
(Mum doesn't get it.)
Me: (laughing hysterically) You're actually dumb, aren't you? I've never noticed it before, but you really are dumb! You just don't get it!

Around this time my dad came home, and the dream ended with him saying I shouldn't speak to my mother that way, or some such thing.

I should again add that I don't think my mum is dumb, and we never actually fight. She is a cool lady, and I miss her!

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